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  1. Why didn’t my rice come out right in the rice cooker?
    I just bought a cooks brand rice cooker from Jcpenney’s. It was $80.00 and it has different features on it. I wanted to make two cups so I filled it up with water to the two line. Then I measured out two cups of the jasmine rice with the measuring cup included.
    My rice still came out very sticky.
    I did wash the rice until the water was clear.

    • You have to wash the rice as Prince Catan said. Put the rice in water. shake it with your fingers moving like a washing machine tumbler. Pour the water and wash again. Three or four times should be enough. Ideally, the last water is going to be clear.
      That’s the way to do steamed rice oriental style. Be aware that it’s sticky. You can’t make rice Spanish style (with the grains dry and separated) with that cooker.

  2. Since oven is broke, Can U recommend a gadget that “bakes”?
    I have a roaster but it’s only good for meat. I’m looking for a little oven I guess that will make cookies and such.

    I have a tiny Proctor Silex toast oven that is too small and really doesn’t even do miniature pizzas that well.

  3. what is the name of the small counter top oven Paula Dean uses on her cooking show while cooking outside?
    It looks like a counter top oven.

    • It’s a convection oven. I don’t know what brand she uses, but I bought one on sale at JCPenney for about $40 a year or so ago (normally $60). I love it! I can make toast or I can cook a casserole or small roast. It is very versatile and comes with two options….convection or no convection. It has toast settings as well as temperature settings.
      They can be expensive ranging in price from $99 to $300, but they are very handy! I think mine is the Cooks brand.

    • Brand of What??
      Often JCP puts lables like that on their own junk.
      Cookware – Buy All-Clad
      Knives – Wustoff
      Casseroles – Le Cruset
      Don’t buy junk, save your money for the best and keep it for life.

  4. Where can I find a reasonably-priced egg pan that is safe on my flat-top electric stove?
    I can’t use the ones coated with aluminum.

    • You CAN use “anodized aluminum” which is what all of the “gray” looking pots/pans are. Those are fine on flat top stoves, and are available in mid to upper price ranges. They were VERY well at distributing heat. Almost all pans use aluminum as their heating “core” and either coat in Stainless Steel (perfectly safe for your stove!!) or anodize it (which chemically alters the bonds and makes it stronger. Basically- if it’s shiny and LIGHT don’t buy it. If it says stainless steel or anodized aluminum, you’re fine. I’d avoid brands like Farberware- which, although cost effective, have thin heat sinks, and can NOT cook evenly. (part of your omelet is done– the rest is runny, etc). Great finds would be Calphalon (if you can find it on sale- they have promo pieces), Emerilware (actually REALLY well built), HIGH end would be All-Clad- but it’s crazy expensive. Analon and Circulon are also very nice brands to find.

      I’d check out a home store such as bedbathandbeyond, or even a department store that has a real cookware dept. (Boscovs, JCPenney’s etc) Basically- anywhere where a “bride” might register for her wedding, you’re likely to find a good selection of cookware! Hahahah!

  5. Recommend a DECENT Coffee Maker?
    There are so many to choose from. I thought I got a good deal on a 12 cup programmable one from JCpenneys by Cooks Brand…I didnt read the reviews first, they were all negative..and guess what? I went to use it for the first time this morning but it is DEFECTIVE. No coffee for me this morning, just a return. Anyone have a new brand recomenndation?

    • I second Anthony’s suggestion of a Keurig. They’re expensive, but worth it. They make one cup at a time, but very quickly, so my husband and I have our morning cup together. The coffee tastes very good (many, many varieties are available), it’s fast, it’s easy, there’s almost no clean-up, and it’s a fresh brew every cup )no stale, burnt or cold coffee). We’ve had ours for only a few months, but my sister has had one for about three years. They use it often, with never a problem.

  6. JCPenney’s Cooks brand appliances, are they worth it?
    Are they at least ok quality and last a couple years? It’s hard to find reviews for them. I’m specifically thinking of a mini food processor or blender to buy.

    • JCPenney is a reputable company so go ahead and try it. If you don’t like it or think it’s not a good value, bring it back to the store for a full refund. I haven’t bought any appliances there, but I live near a JCPenney’s and have bought things there and returned a few without question or any hassle.

  7. How do you save money?
    What are your tips and tricks for saving money at the grocery store/ clothing stores/ everyday expenses???Trying to save some money and need all the advice I can get! Thanks!

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