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  1. how to clean automatic Coffee Maker from Gevalia?
    I have an automatic coffee maker from Gevalia. I have noticed that the water color and coffeee taste have changed. I am thinking to wash it/ clean it. any advice or suggestions on what is the best way to clean it.
    thank you for sharing your answer

    • Have you tried to clean it with vinager! Use straight white vinager and brew it like you would coffee(without the coffee!!!) after its finished brewing the continue this process with water about 2 times! Then wash your pot and the coffee holder with soap and water, The brew clean water one more time! This should clean the coffee maker and be ready for a fresh new pot of coffee!
      If this seems like to much work then got to the Gevalia web site and order some coffee pot cleaner!

  2. Has anyone purchased a Gevalia coffee pot in the past 2 months? If so does it work properly? The 4 I have don’

  3. What kind of coffee do you like and why?
    There are so many kinds and brands of coffee – the task of deciding what to serve can be daunting. Some think Starbucks is bitter, others think Gevalia is way too expensive. Is there any way to win at the ‘coffee game’? What is your favorite?

    • I enjoy New Englands best brand it comes in diffrent flavors and not that bad in price either.
      Also most people do not realize that they way you make (cook ) a cup of coffee makes all the diffrents in the world too. I use a vaccum coffee pot on the stove top myself. What I like about it is it always cook the beans at the right temp. If you cook with water less then heated at 220′F if can cause even the best coffee to be bitter in taste. Also a coffee press works well too it is a little more work but if you want the best of your coffee it is the way to go. To me electric coffee makers give you more coffee water then real coffee taste. Also something else if you can find one is get yourself a glass perk coffee maker not mental to it at all the mental over time with give your coffee a funny flavor and if you happen to burn the coffee once not matter what you do to clean it it will always have a funny taste to your beans.

  4. How to remove coffee stains from white plastic components of a Gevalia coffee maker?
    I have tried all the super market products to no avail. Vinegar did not have any success.

  5. what is wrong with my coffee pot?
    It takes forever to fun the water through and when it does I only get half of the water I put in it. I ran Vinegar through it twice and it hasn’t worked. Can there be something else wrong with it? It’s a Gevalia Coffee Pot that I have had for 3 years.

  6. What is the best thing to do when a coffee maker starts running verrrrry slowly?
    We ran vinegar water thru it twice and that only helped a little bit. Should I try something like CLR? I’m gonna die if I don’t get a cup of brew soon! lol

    • Get you some instant. It works pretty well, and I can’t tell the difference in taste. Of course if you drink it every day you probably can but it takes FOREVER to get rid of that vinegary taste. I would just go buy a new one. OR check out the Gevalia website. Sometimes they will give you one for free and send you their coffee (which is actually pretty good) right to your door. If you don’t like it then send it back, but you keep the coffee pot for free.

  7. Any thoughts on Gavalia coffee?
    I was thinking of getting the coffee pot and the coffee subscription. Not that I don’t have perfectly fine coffee but my coffee maker just broke. $30 for a coffee maker and a selection of coffee doesn’t sound to bad but I want to know if anyone has had any experience with this company.
    Thank you

    • I used to work in the gevalia customer service call center. The coffee is pretty damn good, but expensive. Remeber that you can adjust how often you get shipments. The Jamacia Blue (I think it’s called), the most expensive one, is the smoothest, nicest coffee ever. It’s worth a splurge. But the less expensive ones are delicious, too.

  8. “How much coffee do you measure out for a 12-cup coffee maker?”?
    I havn’t made a pot of coffee in about 15 years. I forgot how to measure it out…and of course the instructions for this important item was not included w/my new Gevalia coffee maker.

    • Generally it’s 1 teaspoon per cup or one of those little plastic ones that come with your pot. Taste and strenght will vary from one blend to another but if you are not too particular about your coffee this will work.

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